We have a full range of bioinformatics related services. With more than 15 years of experience in the academic and business environment, we are able to provide a top-class service tailored to your needs, in Canada and internationally. Some of our services:
  1. HPC and Cloud
    1. With extensive experience on High Performance Computing and Cloud-based systems we can help get your research program up and running in these environments. Tools, administration, setup, software development and general consulting are some of the services we can provide
  1. software development
    1. We are experienced in the new and old trends, desktop, server and networked applications, using compiled (C/C++) and interpreted (Python, Ruby, some PERL) languages, SQL and NoSQL databases, and everything in between. Either open or closed source, our development process will cover all your needs
  1. bioinformatics training
    1. Workshops, symposiums, in person, online, we can provide a full range of training on basic to advanced bioinformatics software usage and analysis. We can also teach introductory courses on programming for biologists.
  1. consulting
    1. Have an issue with bioinformatics? We are here to help. Bioinformatics best practices, help on software analysis, hardware planning and purchases, analysis software suitability, among many other things.
  1. website design
    1. We know that your time is limited to update the lab website, and the web designer doesn't understand what you want to do. We can help put you in touch with professional web professionals and prepare a full website mokcup that will translate our needs to the designer with no hassle .
  1. grant writing
    1. Our proven track record on grant approvals will help you focus on the other parts of your project, and leave the bioinformatics to us
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